Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogging and Beyond

Ever since I started blogging, I am always in a template-hunt appropriate for my other blog site, My Daily Memory Verse where I share the bible verses I memorized and share some insights too. Unfortunately, I can't find one. So, as explorer as I am, I tried to customize the template I got for My Scrapie Bookie I got this template from SimpleWP. I only get the layout but dress it with different shade of color. I also combined some elements I downloaded from digi scrap sites such as Shabby Princess, Twin Moms Scrap, and Scraps of Ellay.

I've been doing (should I say experimenting?) this template-making project for few days now. And finally, I was able to finish the last touch a while ago. I named it "All about green" for obvious reason that everyting in the theme is a shade of green.

I am willing to share this template for free except for the banner. I will just create an alternative banner if ever there is someone who likes to use this template. Based on the policy of the sites where I get the elements, I cannot share the graphics in any form. I do not want to violate their rules since they already allowed me to use their works for free.

I will implement the new theme for My Daily Memory Verse as soon as I have the time. I took some screen shot to share with you.

The detailed pageThe default page

Blogging does not only help me practice english language and writing skills (which I know I am not good :D) but it also allows me to learn new things.


katherine on May 30, 2009 at 11:25 AM said...

Oh you are just like me. my husband called me as template hunter and not blogger because i change my template every now and then..hehe

BTW, i like the template you posted. maybe 1 day, i will use that template hehehe.

Thanks anyway for the comment to my funny kids post.

Have a nice weekend.


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