Thursday, April 30, 2009


I deeply grieved for my friend whose father died last Tuesday morning, April 28, 2009. The remains of his father is currently lying in St. Peter(along Quezon Avenue). We visited him last night and spent sometime to chat with him. He mentioned to us that his father is using the life plan purchased by his aunt. The plan was transferred to his father and it was really a blessing to them because instead of paying the whole amount of 55,000 bucks, they would only need to pay the unpaid balance of the plan amounting to less 30,000 bucks. They almost saved a 50% of the whole amount. This is a big deal for them since they also spent money for the hospital bills and will still need to spend some more for the burial land.
While we were talking, I was contemplating to get my own life plan in preparation for the future. We all know that all of us will soon be facing the inevitable death, we just don't know when.For me, death is something that we should be prepared of especially if you are living in a third-world country where everything is expensive. This will free up our love ones from some expenses that our death may incur.
How about you? How do you see death? Is it something to prepare for or something to be afraid of?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mommy Momments - Daddy

mommy moments

Finally, its over! I mean, my hubbie is finally done with with his bachelor's degree. Their graduation was held in the quadrangle of his school, (RTU) -now his Alma Mater, last April 6, 2009. He finished his degree in four years time without any failing grades. Thanks be to God, for He answered our prayers.

He was so happy that finally he can rest from from doing his assignments, projects and most of all, he is now free from all the stress whenever there is an exam. I am also happy because finally he will no longer bug me with his projects and assignments. When he graduated, I also graduated from rushing word processing his paper works and cramming doing his research and most importantly, I also graduated from giving him his allowances hahahaha... So when he graduated, I am as happy as he is. Yahooo!

Kidding aside, I am really happy that my husband finished a secular course. There were times that he already want to quit, but I always encouraged him to continue. Though it was not really easy for us that I am only the one earning for the family, especially when I gave birth to our first baby. But by God's grace, we were able to manage it. We set aside any luxury or things that are not really necessary just to squeeze in the budget.

But its all worth it! The degree he earned cannot be stolen from him. It is something that cannot be bought with money. And someday, our daughter can look up to us an example. That education and knowledge is very important in one's life.

(the materials I used for the image are from Shabby Princess freebies)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Sharing

This post is long due but it is only now that I were able to complete the missing information that I need.
The message was delivered by a guest preacher, Rev. Gideon Umandap, who is a Filipino but has been staying and pastoring a church in US. He used Psalm 81:10 as his text and the title of the message is "Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it". I won't post the entire message but if you wish to listen to it, I embed the video clipping of his preaching on the bottom part of this post. What I want to share with you is the dissection of John 3:16 which he shared on his preaching. This is new to me and and I believed that Christians like me would also be interested on his version of the dissection of John 3:16. So here it goes;

John 3: 16 - Greatest Verse
For God - the greatest lover
so - the greatest degree
loved - the greatest affection
world - the greatest company of sinners
that He gave - the greatest act
His Only - the greatest sacrifice
begotten Son - the greatest gift
the whosoever - the greatest invitation (open to everyone)
believeth - the greatest condition
on Him - the greatest attraction
shall not perish - the greatest promise
but - the greatest difference
have - the greatest assurance
everlasting life - the greatest possession.

In his preaching, he is also classified faith into four types.

No Faith - I doubt if you can and I doubt if you will
Little Faith - I know you can but I doubt if you will
Great Faith - I know you can and I know you will
Perfect Faith - I know you can and I know you will and it is good as done, thank you in advance.

His preaching of God's word is indeed a blessing to me. I encourage you to watch his preaching below and be blessed as well by the Word of God.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogger Friendship Award

My new found friend, Mommy Rubz of Lourdes Mia, gave me my first ever award. Thanks to Mommy Rubz.

The rules are so easy:
1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
2. Add a link to the blog who gave the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to the blogs that you have nominated.
5. Let them know by leaving a message (shout) on their blogs.

I want to share this award to all my blogmates (unfortunately, it didn't reach 7 yet):

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Redesigning Potpourri Updates

I am not yet fully done redesigning my site but I will now settle for the template i've got from Gisele Jaquenod and Birdie . The theme is entitled Birdie's Secret Garden. This 3-column theme is neat and very clean to look at. I've tried different templates but this is the one that satisfies my own requirements.

Before I decided to use this template, I've tried other templates first. The first one I've tried was Aspire from This template is nice with rustic effect. But I can't fix the problem with the links on the header. So I dropped this template and look for another one. I came across with Magic Paper. I also like these template because it has three column and it has a mystical effect. The template is working well in Firefox but not in IE (sniff sniff). I spent some time trying to fix the problem in IE but after several attempts, I finally gave up. There was a post regarding the error. Meaning, I am not the only one who encountered the error, unfortunately nobody gave a solution. I have no choice but to keep on looking. I almost settled with Wild Flower from I had no problem setting up the template but after few glimpse of it, I find it too femine for me which is not me. So I continued looking for the appropriate template. Then finally, I landed in via google. The free templates offered in this site are really wonderful. I tried some of her works but I settled for this template. Silly me, I was hoping that she is also sharing her actual template because her site's theme is really great.

Anyways, while I was doing this assignment, I realized that there are several sites offering free templates for blogspot and wordpress. I would like to share the links of these sites to help those who are also planning redesign their blog site. Listed are some of the links I visited when I was looking for a template.
Probably, there are so many other sites offering free templates but these are the only sites I happened to visit and browse.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Redesigning Potpourri

Please bear with in the coming days. I am trying to find a template that would make my site more attractive and user-friendly. I am in the processing of trying and selecting. The template might be different everyday until I finally announced that I've selected the template that would satisfy me.

Suggestion will be highly appreciated but I don't have a budget for a non-free template and service.

See you around.

Where Are the Gentlemen? Gone?

I was a bit disappointed last night on my way home. Usually, from SM Megamall, most buses going to Novaliches Bayan via Congressional Ave is still empty. In most cases, only few seats are occupied. But that is not the case last night. The first bus arrived was already full but since I was in hurry catching our Midweek service, so I just rode on. As soon as I stepped on the steps of the bus, the inconsiderate driver started moving the bus in a reckless manner. I almost lost my balance and fell-out of the bus but good thing was my grip on the railings of the bus was firm. I slowly climbed-up the remaining step and be safe inside the bus.

In this case that I could not find a seat, I usually position at the back so I would not be an obstruction to the other passengers. Despite the fact that the conductor saw me in uncomfortable position, he still asked for my fare and since I was having difficulty getting my purse on my bag, I just got the first bill I saw ang gave it to him. Unfortunately, when he gave me my change, he did not ensure that the coins will not drop. As soon as he handed me my change, the coins fell out of my hand. As expected, the coins immediately scatter to everywhere. Of course, I would not try to find them considering my position. So I just ignore the coins ang made sure that I was holding tight on the rail because the driver do not mind that many lives were on his hand. He was just like driving a car the way he drives the bus.

Luckily, most of those who occupied the seats were guys. Believe me, no one offered their seat (sigh) considering that I was wearing a skirt. Though I was not expecting it, I still silently hope that that there were remaining gentlemen. But I was wrong. Really disappointing... modernization swiped away the gentlemen. Is it because, we, women, claimed that we are equal with men?


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