Monday, November 9, 2009

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As an IT professional, the major tool I need to accomplish my daily tasks is a computer. More than eight hours a day, I am in front of my desktop computer, whether I am in the office or I am working from home. It is vital for me that my computer is fast and capable to load several applications at a time. And of course, it is also a must that my keyboard and mouse are in good conditions and very convenient to use for long hours.

My husband is urging me buy a new set of keyboard and mouse because since I gave birth to my daughter, I’ve been experiencing pain on my wrist from time to time. There was even a time that I can’t moved my left hand without feeling any pain. And when I consulted an orthopedic doctor, he told me that the pain I was experiencing was due to CPS or carpal tunnel syndrome. My husband associated the pains with my keyboard and mouse I use. He is probably right. Especially, now that my mouse is not working properly all the time because it already fell on the floor several time.

We have been scouting for a good keyboard and mouse. We actually prefer the wireless keyboard and mouse. When I checked the different kinds of keyboards from, I realized that the split keyboard is the best for me because it helps reduce the chances of CPS. For mouse, I don’t have much specification except that it is ergonomic.

If you need help what mouse and keyboard is the best for you, you can check the You can also search for the store that offers the best price. And of course, not only mice and keyboards are available at, you can also search for Laptops and other computer peripherals offered by different stores.


Boardwalk @ Recycle Christmas Cards on November 21, 2009 at 9:01 AM said...

Carpal tunnel syndrome is something that more and more people should be aware of, because given the computer centric world we live in, a high percentage of society uses computers. However, most people don't think about keyboard type, and position or the set up of their work area. All of these things have to be considered to avoid CPS.

Thanks for publicizing this condition.

Beth on January 26, 2010 at 11:00 PM said...

I like wireless mouse! maybe pag me money na. I also like keyboards na masarap typan. Parang super affected ako pag matigas ang keyboard kasi kakapagod magwrite ng pampost sa blog di ba? sobrang saya ko whenever ok un keyboard, just like now. ang haba tuloy ng comment ko! :)

how are you na? ngayon lang uli ako nakadalaw pasensia na ha? missed reading your posts! :)


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