Monday, March 15, 2010

My Daughter Needs New Sunday Dresses

My daughter’s Sunday dresses are getting smaller and smaller for her. This is a sign that she’s getting bigger and taller. Since I am training her to dress properly, I do not allow her to wear shorts or jeans during worship services. It will be easier for her to wear skirts and dresses when she is older if she started it now.

I am already allotting some budget for her dresses. I am planning to buy her a smocked dress. It look elegant. I want her Sunday dresses to be the best for I want her to learn at a very young age that Sunday is God, and God deserves nothing but the best.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Desktop Computers @ Shopwiki

As an IT professional, the major tool I need to accomplish my daily tasks is a computer. More than eight hours a day, I am in front of my desktop computer, whether I am in the office or I am working from home. It is vital for me that my computer is fast and capable to load several applications at a time. And of course, it is also a must that my keyboard and mouse are in good conditions and very convenient to use for long hours.

My husband is urging me buy a new set of keyboard and mouse because since I gave birth to my daughter, I’ve been experiencing pain on my wrist from time to time. There was even a time that I can’t moved my left hand without feeling any pain. And when I consulted an orthopedic doctor, he told me that the pain I was experiencing was due to CPS or carpal tunnel syndrome. My husband associated the pains with my keyboard and mouse I use. He is probably right. Especially, now that my mouse is not working properly all the time because it already fell on the floor several time.

We have been scouting for a good keyboard and mouse. We actually prefer the wireless keyboard and mouse. When I checked the different kinds of keyboards from, I realized that the split keyboard is the best for me because it helps reduce the chances of CPS. For mouse, I don’t have much specification except that it is ergonomic.

If you need help what mouse and keyboard is the best for you, you can check the You can also search for the store that offers the best price. And of course, not only mice and keyboards are available at, you can also search for Laptops and other computer peripherals offered by different stores.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Purse hooks

I am not really a purse collector but I buy one if I really need it especially if I need it for a special occasion. But because I seldom go out nowadays, I don't have much chance to use them. But I make sure that they are well-kept so when I need to use them, they are still in good condition. I use purse hooks to keep them off from the dirt of floor. The purse hooks I have are just simple hooks. But if you prefer more fancy and decorative purse hooks or purse hangers, you can visit for their purse hooks collection.

The Princess - Tiana Purse Hanger

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Proceed to

Please proceed to the new home of Online Mommy's Corner.
See you there!

To My Sponsors: All Paid Post are transferred to my new site including the links :)
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Thank you!

This site will be closing in months time.

Almost Done :)

Friends, I am happy to inform you that my new site is already up. Your links and badges are already there too. Please visit the site to verify if I oversee any link. The site still needs more finishing touches but I think it is good to go for now.

Kindly update Online Mommy's Corner link to I will still visit your sites later this day to give you my updated link one by one. Just like Mommy Pehpot did :)

I sincerely hope that you will still join me on my journey on my new site...

God Bless!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Migrating to Word Press

I am in the process of migrating my site to Word Press. Since the rank of my current site returned to zero, I decided that this is the perfect time to migrate. I consider this event a blessing in disguise.

I bought a domain and hosting few months ago but haven't done anything on these yet., until now. I am planning to enter into hosting business. And since I will be selling hosting, it is only appropriate that my site is also hosted on my own hostingGrin.

My main concern before was how to migrate my post and comments. I will really regret if I will not be able to transfer my posts since I've invested so much time writing them but it will be very tedious for me if I copy-paste them one by one. And how about the precious comments I received, should I just leave them behind?

But my concern is immediately answered. Word Press has a tool to migrate all the my posts including the comments . The biggest problem is solved in no time at all.

I am still constructing the page elements of my new site but as soon as I've put everything in there from my current site, I will visit all of the sites in my blog roll to provide each one of them new link.

I hope to see you there soon!

WFW - Isaiah 40:8

I find this flower very beautiful and rare. The first time I saw this flower, I was really amazed of its beauty. According to the owner of the plant, it takes time before the plant yield a flower but its life would only last for a day. The flower fades as soon as the sun sets in the afternoon. What a short life!

But God's Word will never fade! It will remain fresh and true forever!
Glory to the God for His unchanging promises.

Please visit Forever His for more wonderful encouragement.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tayong Dalawa New Schedule

I missed last night's episode of Tayong Dalawa because of some adjustments on schedule of the telecast. The usual pass 9 pm schedule is now 8:30 pm. Their previous time slot is given to Dahil May Isang Ikaw starred by Jericho Rosales and the pretty Kristine Hermosa. The premiere telecast of the said teleserye was last night.

When I turned on the television last night, I only caught the "bangan" part of Tayong Dalawa. At first I could not believe that the episode has ended. Even my husband could not also believe. He was insisting that it was still early. I explained to him that Only You had ended last Friday so probably the schedule was adjusted instead of giving the slot to Nag-iisang Ikaw. After accepting to my self that Tayong Dalawa's episode was finished, I already turned off the TV. I don't want to add another addictive teleserye to my schedule. Tayong Dalawa is enough and once it ends, no more teleserye to watch. The stress Tayong Dalawa is giving me is more than enough LOL!Laugh

The Better Half Tag

Thanks to Mommy Jes of My Little Angels for sharing this tag to me.


1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? Anime

2. You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? Hmm... ung dressing na lasang garlic :D

3. What's one food he doesn’t like? He eats almost everything, but if he has a choice, he doesn't want liver.

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does he order? Ice tea

5. What shirt size does he have? Medium

6. What shoe size does he have? 8

7. What is his favorite type of sandwich? Nothing in particular.

8. What would he eat everyday if he could? Ampalaya :D

9. What is his favorite cereal? None.

10. What would he never wear? swimming trunk?

11. What is his favorite sports team? None.

12. Who did he vote for? This is a vague question :D

13. Who is his best friend? Me? hehehehe

14. What is something he does, but you wish he wouldn't do? Watching anime!

15. What is his heritage? Filipino

16. You bake him a cake, what kind of cake? I don't bake cake :D

17. Did he play sports in high school? Volleyball

18. What could he spend hours doing? Watch TV & Sleeping

19. What is the unique talent that he has? He eats broken glasses, dances in fire... joke! He is very talented but his talent is not unique to himself. He can sing, play guitar, play piano.

20. What's his type of coffee? He prefers Milo or Milk than coffee

I doubt if there is one in my list who haven't done this tag so I won't pass it to any particular blogger. But if so happen that you haven't done this yet, please feel free to grab it and post it on your site. Drop a simple note so I can visit your entry :) Have a blessed Tuesday to all

Monday, August 24, 2009

Unplanned Swimming Getaway

The initial plan was to have a day trip to Baguio last August 21 -we would leave Manila @ around 12 midnight of August 21 and we would leave Baguio around 6 pm of the same day. Worst come to worst, we might spend a night in Baguio if everybody would be too tired to travel home. This was my suggestion to my friend last August 16 because I knew that August 21 was a holiday and I was expecting the payment for the part-time work I've accepted. I gave my friend a heads -up regarding the status of my pay last Wednesday when we met at the prayer meeting. I told her that in case the money didn't arrive on Thursday morning, we might postpone our trip. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the payment. Of course, we can't go there without the money Grin

The whole day of Thursday, my mind was set that my daughter and I would just stay at home and probably just have a walk in the afternoon of the next day. Early evening of Thursday, my friend texted me and suggested that we just proceed with the trip but with a nearer location. She suggested to go to Subic, have some swimming and go for a joy-ride. I was really hesitant because of budget though I am sure that my daughter and my husband would really enjoy the swimming. She kept on convincing me and promised to shoulder a bigger slice on the expense. After conferring with my husband, we decided to go.

It was really fun for my daughter and my husband. They enjoyed swimming especially my daughter because even when we were about to go home she was still insisting to swim. And I enjoyed watching them. This was also the first time my daughter to bath in the rain.

After the swimming we went to Club Morocco. The place is undoubted beautiful before but now, the place lost its life. The place is very lonely. I only noticed a guest or two and even the staffs were only few. According to my friend, the rates of this place is quite expensive. You can only get lower rates if you are a member. I don't know if the owner is still earning from this investment, but I am sure that the money invested in the place is really a big.

Anyway, I want to share with you some of the photos of our unplanned swimming trip.

This photo is quite deceiving. If you think Ska is standing by her own, you are wrong. My daughter was sitting on my husband's shoulder who was underwater.
Ska & Kuya Kyle

Swimming lesson with Daddy

Hindi na kinaya ng powers ni SkaBig Grin

The following photos were taken at Club Morocco

My Little Miss


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